soal ulangan harian 1 bahasa inggris kelas 5 sd



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A.Put a cross(x) in a,b, c, ordonthe right answer!

  1. attention this picture!


imagesHello, my name is Ipin and What is your name?










The answer to fill the blank…..

a.OK…Thank you

b.Hi….my name is Susanti





  1. Attention this picture!Hello..Devi! Nice to meet you.










The answer to fill the blank…..

10_devia. Hi…Fizi…Nice to meet you to

b.No thanks

c.Bye bye

d.My name is Devi





3. Attention this picture!

This is Cik gu besar… She works at Tadika Mesra

a.She is Headmaster

b.She is school janitor

c.She is school guard

d.She is school counselor

cik gu besar








4. Attention this picture!

cik gu mel



This is Cik Gu Melati, She teaches at Tadika Mesra. She is a……

a.       Student

b.      Teacher

c.       Girl scout

d.      School counsellor


  1. School counselor is…..a.people who help student with problem  b.people who care building school c.people who practice many thing d.people who make cake







  1. These are Upin dan Ipin, They are …..and They ….many thing   a. make, do b.scouts too, practice c.student, study d.singer, sing














  1. This is Mr. Soleh, He is….. He…. School building and its stuff a. headmaster, work  b. headmister,works c. ascholl janitor, takes care  d.student, study










  1. These are Mrs. Sonia and Mr. Sholeh. They are……They….the school a. headmaster, work b.teacher, teach c.student, study d. School guards, watch













  1. This is Miss Evi, She always keep Library at the school. Miss Evi is….  a.student b. Teacher c.Librarian d. janitor








  1. These are Upin Ipin and Friends. They always study at Tadika Mesra every day. They are…



upin ipin 2







a. student
b. Teacher
c.Librariand. janitor
 B.Attention this picture! Answer the question!  

This is Kak Ros. She is a sister’s Upin and Ipin. Ros’s full name is Rosalina. She was born on January 27, 2000

Her Father’s name is Rahman Shaleh .

Her Mother’s  name is Susilowati

Her twin little brother’s name is Upin and Ipin

Kak Ros likes cooking and studying. She lives in Malaysia. She studies at an Junior High Scholl.




  1. What is Kak Ros’s full name?
  2. What is she?
  3. When she was born?
  4. What is her father’s name?
  5. What is her mother’s name?
  6. Where does she study?
  7. Where she live?
By aimarusciencemania

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